Practice Areas

Practice Areas and Experience

Our main areas of focus are acquisitions, sale and restructuring of assets (including real estate), agreements and contracts, competition law and commercial litigation. Our lawyers are professionally qualified with extensive experience in the following areas:

Real Estate

  • Advising on complex real estate deals and legal representation in disputes over title to real estate, including land; disputes connected with termination of contracts, in particular lease agreements and off-plan property development agreements; reclamation of property from unlawful possession by other parties; disputes over land ownership and land plot boundaries; disputes involving invalidation of real estate transactions and/or application of the consequences of invalidated real estate transactions;
  • litigation seeking recognition of title to land plots or recognition of title to structures that have been built without the requisite permits and approvals;
  • legal due diligence of real estate and of property owners (sellers); advising on acquisitions of non-residential premises;
  • legal due diligence and preparation of risk summaries for a buyer prior to acquisition of a major retail shopping mall and business centre;
  • legal due diligence and advice on long-term lease of non-residential premises in the city of Moscow, including in listed buildings, for the operation of retail shops (boutiques) of leading foreign jewellers;
  • advising on off-plan property development agreements under mandates from potential purchasers of apartments in such buildings (including premium real estate) and mandates from legal entities using such instruments for investment in non-residential real estate;
  • advising on sale and purchase agreements for mortgaged property;
  • advising on various types of transactions related to real estate development (design and engineering contracts, construction contracts, owner and developer contracts).

Acquisition/Sale of Assets

Transaction structuring, development of mechanisms to safeguard clients’ property interests, legal due diligence, advising on transactions (drafting documents, advising on registration procedures and payment mechanisms).

Asset Restructuring

Optimization of business models and determining methods to achieve them; advising on corporate governance, antitrust regulation, registration procedures and specific tax issues; preparing restructuring plans and advice (drafting corporate documents and advising on the registration of legal entities, issuance of securities, procurement of regulatory consents, and registration of rights to real estate).

Corporate Disputes

Representing clients in disputes related to the acquisition of shares in open joint-stock companies under voluntary/mandatory offers, invalidation of major transactions and interested party transactions, and application of the consequences of an invalidated transaction in respect of them; invalidation of decisions of a company’s corporate bodies, decisions to pay dividends and decisions to disclose information; recovery of losses from members of the board of directors, the chief executive officer, members of the collective executive body, the management organization or manager; invalidation of issues (additional issues) of securities, and other types of corporate disputes.

Tax Advice and Disputes

Legal advice on tax matters, and representation of clients in disputes with the tax authorities.

Debt Recovery

Debt claims, negotiations, legal representation in court, enforcement.

Agreements and Contracts

Optimal structuring of contractual relations; advising on payments, debt restructuring and amicable settlements with creditors.


Representing parties in bankruptcy proceedings (creditors/debtors/administrators) at various stages of the bankruptcy process.

Legal Retainer

Providing ongoing legal advice on an organization’s operations (including agreements and contracts, employment law issues, corporate governance procedures, tax issues).

Russian Business Operations Abroad

Advising on the establishment of legal entities with Russian capital and of branches (representative offices) of Russian legal entities in the EU. Advising on transactions with foreign companies, including for the supply of Russian goods to the EU and various types of services agreements.

Russian Business Operations of Foreign Entities

Advising on the establishment of Russian legal entities with foreign participation and on operations of organizations with foreign participation, including Russian law specifics applicable to the activities of such organizations in the Russian Federation.

Competition Law

Preparing applications, notices and responses to information requests; legal assistance in dealing with inspections and investigations; representing clients in cases involving violations of Russian competition law, administrative offences and civil law disputes under which compensation is sought for damage caused by violation of Russian competition law.

Administrative Procedures

Representing clients subjected to inspections by federal and local public authorities, challenging the results of inspections, representing clients in administrative cases before federal and local public authorities and the courts.

Consumer Disputes

Representing clients in disputes involving consumers of goods, works and/or services; preparing consumer complaints and responses to complaints from consumers; preparing statements of claim and representing clients in court, advising on enforcement proceedings.

Employment Disputes

Representing clients in disputes involving termination of employment, disputes relating to salary, bonuses and compensation (including ‘golden parachute’ payments), and other types of individual employment disputes.

Family Disputes

Representing clients in divorce cases and proceedings involving the division of marital assets, including shares, equity interests and real estate; advising on alimony payments, prenuptial agreements and other related issues.

Wills, Probate and Inheritance

Advising on matters related to succession, including the keeping of notarial records; collection and execution of succession documents; registration of rights to inherited property, including shares, equity interests, real estate and intellectual property; representing clients in complex matters related to wills, probate and inheritance (including in foreign jurisdictions); estate litigation.